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Milestone | PINGOOD ENTERPRISE CO., LTD is a professional leading manufacturer which has been specialized in plastic mechanical components for worldwide customers since 1982.


2022.6Celebrate the 40th anniversary.
2021.9Certified by SGS IATF 16949.
2021.8Being ECO friendly, solar power system in Dongguan plant increased the generation to 420,000 kWh per year.
2021.8The new Dongguan factory was expanded to 30,000 square meters.
2020.8Started the construction of new plant and R&D center in Zhongli which is expected to be completed in October 2022.
2020.8Being ECO friendly, solar power system in Dongguan plant increased the generation to 400,000 kWh per year.
2019.12Completed the new plant set up in Dongguan.
2017.12Started the construction of new PINGOOD factory in Dongguan.
2017.6Celebrate the 35th anniversary.
2016.3Meet ECO friendly,PINGOOD Dongguan plant just built-in Solar Energy Saving facility.
2014.10Awarded the honor of TEEMA 2014 Taiwan Outstanding SME.
2013.1The Dongguan plant carbon footprints counseling work is complete.
2012.7Dongguan factory carbon footprint counseling began.
2012.6Celebrate the 30th anniversary.
2011.7Dongguan factory by ICE,IECQ QC080000 certification.
2011.5In response to the requirements of environmental protection,Dongguan plant will separate halogen and halogen-free product line.
2010.6Set up Wu Han office.
2010.5Expand Suzhou factory by moving to new facility.
2008.1Expand Dongguan factory.
2007.6Celebrate the 25th anniversary.
2006.9Set up Yan Tai warehouse.
2006.8Set up Dongguan Laboratory.
2006.4Generate Green Partner from SONY.
2005.8Certified by ISO-14001.
2005.4We have in-house Rapid Prototyping Machine (3D Printer) to expedite our product development process.
2005.3Generate ECO-Partner from Samsung.
2003.6Certified by ISO-9001.
2003.54th injection factory set up in Wuzhong, Suzhou,China.
2000.1Set up enterprise Headquarter in Taipei to fullfill sustainable management goal.
1997.5Certified by SGS ISO-9002.
1996.53rd injecion factory set up in Tang Xia,Dongguan, China.
1994.1Move Production,QC and Packing to Chung Li Industrial Zone, set up the continuous process line.
1992.31st logistic warehouse set up on Nan Kang Road,Taipei.
1990.12nd injection factory set up in Xi-Jir,Taipei County.
1989.5R/D Division set up in Taipei office.
1985.51st tooling house set up in Ho Li,Taichung.
1984.11st injection factory set up in Wu Zu,Taichung.
1982.6PINGOOD ENTERPRISE CO., LTD.Established.

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